Best Children's Toys From Independents And Makers

All the toys but not a big store in sight.

When Kids Get Sick - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Who else has fond memories of snuggly blankets & sofa days when they were sick?

Festivities For Mabel - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Charlotte's been planning some lovely Christmas activities for Mabel this year as well as the odd sequin tutu...

Christmas Charity Appeals and Giving Something Back

Christmas is the time for giving and perhaps that shouldn't just be to your own family.

Which is the best Christmas advert of all time?

Has John Lewis lost its touch?

Russell Howard

Grab your Saturday morning cuppa and have a watch of this. Why are girls toys all pink and boys all about being powerful? Word of warning. There may be a few rude words so perhaps watch out of ear shot of the littles!

John Lewis

Hankies at the ready. The John Lewis christmas ad is here. #mozthemonster

Homemade Advent Calendars | Ideas On Gifts, Activities & Display

Tips and ideas for creating 24 days of magic.

Did you know that Royal Mail offer a free letter from Santa service?

All you need to do is post your little ones list to the following address by Friday 8th December and they will receive a letter back.

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa's Grotto,

It's really important you write Santa's address carefully on a stamped envelope and make sure that you include your full name and address in your letter so that he can write back to you.

Then sit back and wait for the magic.

The Best Illustrated Christmassy Children’s Books For Toddlers

Which is your kid's favourite?

Baby girl for Sir Andy Murray and wife Kim

It's a girl! - Congratulations on the safe arrival of your second daughter Andy & Kim Murray

The Best Bikes Tricycles & Scooters For Toddlers

Little ones have a bike or scooter on their Christmas wish list?

We're discussing our favourites on RMF today...

Shattered mum comes up with genius baby sleep guide

Sleep is for the weak!

Marks and Spencer

The festive season is well and truly upon us with the launch of the Marks and Spencer Christmas advert. Sure to be a family favourite with the fabulous Paddington Bear.

Deciding to Start a Family {Sophie's Update} - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Your response to Sophie's blog post about deciding to start a family was phenomenal. So you may want to hear her story since then.

How much do you spend on your kids at Christmas?

Is it £50 per child? £100 per child? £600-£700 per child?

Cravings (Second Time Around) - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Charlotte would like toast and chips with a side order of pasta please.......

Bad Moms UK

Tag a mom who needs a good laugh and a night off. Bad Moms Christmas is here.

Which questions should I ask my doctor?

Our resident GP shares her tips on how to get the most out of your doctor's appointment.

Can An Ovulation Kit Help You Get Pregnant More Easily?

Did you use an ovulation kit when trying to have a baby?

Life Hacks For A Tired Mum

Tag a tired mum. They'll thank you for it.

Do You Let Your Children Watch The News?

What are your thoughts?

Autumn Craft Ideas For Children & Toddlers | Leaves, Pinecones, Conkers

Wondering how to keep the littles entertained this half term?

Eight Essential Items That Will Help With Breastfeeding

You need #1 in your life whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and new mama or not!

Do You Smack Your Kids? {Discussion}

What's your view on Scotland's decision to ban smacking?

Choosing TO Express Breast Milk Exclusively

Do you know anyone that exclusively pumped breastmilk?

The best nappy cream and washing methods for newborn babies

We share our favourite tips for caring for sensitive newborn skin with Bepanthen UK.

Bad Moms UK

Two weeks to go!! Grab your friends for a girly night.

Daily Mail

Hooray for runny eggs!

We are sharing the wave of light in support of those that will always hold their baby in their hearts. #babylossawarenessweek

How To Carve A Pumpkin - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

It's all getting a little bit spooky today.

How to Cope with Grief {Baby Loss Awareness week}

Elle is back this morning talking about how she coped following the loss of her baby boy, Teddy.

Our Very Own Mary Poppins?

Or Nanny McPhee. Or Mrs Doubtfire ...

BBC News

Please be careful with buggies on train platforms. Luckily no child was in this one at the time.


We love Dolly!

How much screen time should children have?

How much is too much?

Baby positioners axed after deaths warning

Please be aware of the new regulations and advice regarding baby sleep positioners.

Are You The Tidy One? - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Who's the tidy one in YOUR relationship?

This Morning

Would you get your baby's ears pierced?

How Much Do You Spend On A Present/Gift For A Child? - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Charlotte thought the whole process of buying a school/nursery friend's gift was straightforward in terms of what you choose to spend (up to you surely?) but....apparently not.

Bad Moms UK

Anyone else excited for this?!

How to get your baby to sleep

Anyone desperate for some more shut-eye?

What Questions Should You Ask On A Hospital Tour? - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Do you know what questions to ask on your hospital tour?


When you really wanted a little sister.

Soon To Be Extinct Baby Names | Dying Out Baby Names Like Nigel.

Some baby names are soon to be extinct. People are no longer choosing names such as Derek, Nigel, Sheila and Donna. The question is, would you?

Hands Free Change Bag

We are all for backpack changing bags.