A Fond Farewell For Now - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

We have a new home... and we sincerely hope that you will join us as we welcome change and embrace the future x

Jamie Oliver's Seven Vegetable Sauce, Seven Ways

Easy and healthy mid-week meals for the fussiest of eaters.

Hypnobirthing: Championing a Happy Birth Experience

A positive birth story for a happy Friday

Willa’s Whimsical Nursery - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

All the heart eyes for today's nursery tour.

Things I've Learnt As My Girls Grow Up - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

It's not easy to accept your babies are growing up but there are also so many new adventures to be had. What have you learnt as your little ones get older?

Sibling Rivalry? - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Mabel's little sister is due in less than five weeks and Charlotte's hoping there will be excitement and acceptance rather than a case of the green-eyed sibling....

Favourite Natural Household Cleaning Products

Love a cleaning hack?

Navy & Mustard Interiors Inspiration For Children and Babies

Thinking of giving your little one's room a makeover?

ABC News

Too cute.

Hypnosis may ease Kate’s birth pains

If it's good enough for Kate...

Alexa and Sebastian's super stylish bedrooms and playroom

Click to find out where THAT map wallpaper is from ...

Disneyland Paris {Tips & Tricks} - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Is anyone off to meet Mickey and Minnie this year?

The First Term At Primary School - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Have your little ones survived their first term? And have you?!

New Year. New Healthy Mindset - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Who else is adopting a healthy attitude this year?

'Limit children's snacks to 100 calories'

Are your children having too many snacks?

Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

Which was your favourite?

BBC interviewee interrupted by his children live on air – video

By far, the best video of 2017.

Surviving The Festive Season With Little Ones & Keeping Your Sanity

'There's a very fine line between excited and overwhelmed and I think this time of year makes it a little blurry...'


How to prevent and deal with back pain

For any mamas suffering from a bad back ...

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova welcome twins

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have had twins! (Who even knew she was pregnant?!)

When To Introduce Cows Milk In To Your Baby's Diet

Do you know when to make the switch?

The Sun

Has your child got money waiting that you didn't know about?

Would You Get Drunk In Front Of Your Children? | Discussion Post

Are you planning on partaking in the mulled wine this Christmas?

Christmas Cupcakes Recipe and Decorating Ideas For Children

Who wants cake for breakfast?

How To Make & Construct A Gingerbread House For Children

Anybody fancy a spot of baking this weekend?

How to prevent and treat plagiocephaly ('flat head syndrome')

For any parents concerned about the shape of their baby's head ...

James Corden and wife welcome third child

One of our favourite TV personalities has had a third baby.

What’s Actually In Our Kids’ Christmas Stockings - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

Chocolate coins, socks, satsumas ... what else will you be stuffing into the stockings?

Monochrome and pink nursery in an NYC-style loft apartment

A calming and pretty nursery tour.

Paying mothers can 'incentivise breastfeeding'

Would shopping vouchers encourage you to breastfeed?

Christmas Wrapping Ideas For Children's Presents to Give Or Receive

Time to grab the wrapping paper and get creative.

Are NCT classes worth it?

Were the words "breast is best" uttered at yours?

Morning sickness? It really is a sign all is OK, Kate

A little bit of comfort for all you pregnant ladies that are suffering.

Christmas Eve Box For Children | What To Include

Do you make a Christmas eve box for your children?

A Straightforward {But Nonetheless Traumatic} Birth Story

Lisa's birth story: When things don't go as planned. #makebirthbetter

BBC Strictly Come Dancing

As parents we may be busy with the chores & day to day life sometimes, but we're always listening, watching and LOVING everything our littles do 💕💕💕

My Favourite Natural Products for Kids and Babies - Rock My Family blog | UK baby, pregnancy and family blog

We've found some fab products that aren't loaded with harmful toxins and chemicals.

Fisher Price Jumperoo Baby Bouncer review

Does anyone else have a baby who is obsessed with the Jumperoo?!

What happens if the 'rush of love' doesn't come when your baby is born?

Sometimes, maternal instinct doesn't kick in immediately...

Keeping Your Little Ones Cosy When The Temperature Drops

Time to get snuggly & warm

Total ban on fast-food outlets within 400m of London schools

Will this help deal with the problem of childhood obesity?